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Save time

We'll save your time that you'd normally have to spend researching flights, places to stay, activities to do, restaurants to eat...

No hussle

Don't stress over getting it all right. You'll get a ready-to-use plan along with useful tips and guides to never worry about a trip again.

Everything at one place

Forget storing all the information on various bookmarks, documents, and apps. Here, you'll get everything packed in one file.

Simple pricing. Exceptional trip.

Flat fee. Delivered within 24 hours.

Concierge Gold

  • Best flights
  • Best place to stay
  • Destinations tailored to your preferences
  • Additional tips, guides, and videos
  • Full Itinerary
  • Downloadable plan for GCal, iCal, and more
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Jakub Kliszczak


I love traveling but what I enjoy the most is the planning phase. That's why I decided to launch Trippo. What you get is a full, ready-to-use plan. All you have to do is finish the bookings and stick to the itinerary to have a wonderful experience on your trip!


What do I get in the Concierge Gold package?

A full service. That means: best destinations, best flights, places to stay, things to do, places to eat, tips, guides, videos, full itinerary, and downloadable PDF and GCal/iCal files.

Does the price include booking of plane tickets?

No, but you'll easily book them with the information provided in your plan.

How will I get my trip plan?

We'll send the whole plan to your email address which you provide during the survey.

Does the price include booking of stays?

No, but you'll easily book them with the information provided in your plan.

Got more questions?

If you still have more questions or would just like to contact the Trippo team, hit the button below!

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